5 tips on how to protect a LocalTrade Acc
5 tips on how to protect a LocalTrade Acc
Updated 18.02.2022

In order to keep personal data and funds fully secured, each of us should follow basic precautions since the digital world is full of danger these days. That is why we’ve picked five basic tips for you to provide reliable protection to your LocalTrade account.

  1. A complex password is the most reliable for use. As a rule, the first layer of your account safety is its password; therefore, when creating it, one should be specifically responsible, unlike other security means. During password creation, follow simple recommendations; thus, you’ll make the account protected more. It’s a better idea to set the password consisting of at least 8 symbols, including the use of digits, special signs as well as at least one uppercase letter: all of that will only benefit it. Using this method, you’ll secure your account from password cracking by hackers using malware. In addition to that, we recommend choosing the passwords that haven’t been used on other resources because no one is 100% sure that other companies have a proper level of users’ data safety. A similar password will have a pretty solid level of safety: Sf!2a%f0 (don’t use it, that’s just an example)
  2. It’s highly recommended to use two-factor authentication. With the help of it, you’ll be sure that no other third parties will be able to access your account. Besides that, 2FA is an extra level of security because you will need to type in not only a login and password but also a one-time code sent to your e-mail or a special app from Google – Google Authenticator. Talking about this situation, you’ll need to type in both the code from the app and e-mail.
  3. Be careful: fishing! The most widespread way to access the data is fishing. Attackers hide the malware under the guise of a product or a popular company. It follows that a user who has bumped into it and left his data there kind of passes the info to the hands of fraudsters. Thus, before you enter account data from the LocalTrade account, you need to make sure that you’re using the genuine website. There are several simple recommendations for that purpose:
  1. Check whether the domain name is correct. The one and only domain name of LocalTrade is
  2. Don’t follow the links to the website LocalTrade in no way; these are usually sent to you by unknown personalities.
  3. When using two-factor authentication, the probability of losing access to the account goes to zero. Also, don’t forget about the human factor that attackers may employ too. Therefore, under no circumstances don’t pass the one-time codes from 2FA to anyone.
  1. Third-party software is not always useful. The number of additional software on the web has increased lately, and if we believe the developers, it provides significant assistance during the trading process. Nevertheless, a user cannot be sure that similar software possesses a trustworthy source and internal structure. There are cases when such software actually helps during the bidding but it also transmits the personal data of users to third parties. So, it’s better to reject these uncertified products beyond the LocalTrade platform as well; otherwise, you jeopardize not only personal data but your funds, too.
  2. Check the connected devices. After attackers have received access to your data, they may not give out they had received access at all. It may be due to the preparation for the attack, or they might be waiting for more favorable conditions. For example, when you’re not online or when there is an impressive sum on your balance. To prevent similar situations, we’ve added the functionality that allows you to view every active session of your account; in other words, how many devices have been used for authorization. All you need is to go to the settings of the account – security – to scroll the page to the bottom, and all the active connections to your account and relevant info will be displayed in the section Session.