How to replenish a balance
How to replenish a balance
Updated 17.11.2021

There are more than 25 cryptocurrencies and tokens available to top up the LocalTrade balance.

  1. In personal account click ‘Wallet’, then ‘Balance’.


  1. Choose the currency or token for replenishment and click ‘Deposit’. 

Transfer the funds to the specified address. The platform does not support automated conversion, so you should transfer only the chosen currency or token (if you chose Litecoin, you can send only Litecoin coins to this address). Otherwise, the funds will not be deposited to the balance! Replenishment is successful only after 3 confirmations of the network are made. In order to speed up the process, you may set increased commission fee, especially, in the case of Ethereum and some altcoins. To see the actual commission fees, go to the site.