KYC verification
KYC verification
Updated 18.02.2022

To be able to use all the capacities of the exchange, clients must undergo the verification (confirmation) of personal data according to the KYC system (i.e. Know Your Customer). This is a compulsory procedure to provide licensed financial services in accordance with international law to counteract money laundering and terrorism.

The system of information security of the LocalTrade Company is compliant with the standard ISO 27001, and data centers storing the data support the standards TIA-942 and PCI DSS. Personal data of the clients after verification is fully secured and is not transmitted to third parties.

To start the verification, go to the personal account (Profile) and click ‘Verification’.

  1. Type in personal data: name, surname, patronymic, date of birth. Enter only real data without mistakes or the verification will be dismissed immediately.


  1. The next stage of the verification is providing the registration address of your place of residence: city, street, house number, flat number, postal code. You will need to specify the registration address not the factual place of residence.


  1. The next stage is sending scanned copies of an identity document: a passport or a driving license. It would be much better if this was a Latin variant. On the image, there must be seen 4 corners of a document; the photo must be of good quality and with no editing.