LocalTrade registration guide
LocalTrade registration guide
Updated 17.11.2021

LocalTrade is a multifunctional platform for trading, cryptocurrency exchange as well as traders’ communication to improve skill and experience. Newbies are one of the company priorities – the LocalTrade University was created and is constantly updated for them. Let’s start making money:

  1. Creating an account. Go to the registration page, enter the e-mail and a password (Latin uppercase and lowercase, at least one digit, and a special sign are obligatory). Agree to the TOS and click ‘Sign Up=’.


  1. E-mail validation. Open the account activation letter and click ‘Confirm registration’. Please, note that the letter may get into the SPAM section! After you have followed the link, you will be redirected to the exchange website where you will see a notification about the successful account activation.


  1. Log into account. After the e-mail address has been validated, you can log into the account to continue adjustments. Pay attention that the system may require device confirmation; a unique code will be sent to your e-mail, and this very code you will need to enter during authorization.


  1. Setting up a two-factor Google authentication. It is recommended for the maximum safety of the account. All you have to do is install a Google Authenticator app on your smartphone. The version for Android OS (link) and iOS (link).
  1. Scan the QR code with the help of Google Authenticator or copy the code from the «Security» page to the app.


When the account and the app are connected, one-time codes for authorization and funds’ withdrawal will be generated. Note that the code is valid within 30 seconds. Once the time is up, you will need to receive a new code. Copy this code to complete the connection process. Now it will be required in the section «Security».

  1. The code copied from the app should be entered into «2FA code» field to complete the process and enable two-factor authentication. Pay attention that once everything is set up, you will have to enter the code from the app each time you log into your account!


  1. Verification. To be able to use all the capacities of the exchange, clients must undergo the verification (confirmation) of personal data according to the KYC system (i.e. Know Your Customer). This is a compulsory procedure to provide licensed financial services in accordance with international law to counteract money laundering and terrorism.

The system of information security of the LocalTrade Company is compliant with the standard ISO 27001, and data centers storing the data support the standards TIA-942 and PCI DSS. Personal data of the clients after verification is fully secured and is not transmitted to third parties. To start, click the section «Profile – Verification».


  1. After that, go to the verification section and enter personal data: Name, Surname, Patronymic, birthdate. Real passport data only! After that, we confirm the registration address: the country in which the ID was issued, city, street, house number, flat number, postal code.


  1. After that, we confirm the registration address: the country in which the ID was issued, city, street, house number, flat number, postal code.


  1. The next stage is to send scanned copies of an identity document: a passport or a driving license. Pay attention that all 4 corners of a document must be seen, the photo must be of good quality and no editing is allowed.


  1. The security service may request a selfie with an open document but usually, this is not required. Note that the verification of the given data takes up to 3 working days, and the result will be sent to the e-mail specified during registration.


  1. Replenishing the balance.  Go to «Profile – Balance». Click the «Deposit» near the coin or token that is required.


  1. Sending coins to the specified address. Make sure that the currency of the transfer and receipt match. Otherwise, it will not be possible to receive the funds. The balance is replenished after 3 confirmations from the appropriate cryptocurrency network are received.